Suada Consultancy Tourism Joint Stock Company

Our company, one of the leading consultancy firms in Europe, has been continuously providing services in the field of European residence permits and European visas since its establishment under the corporate identity and without compromising the principle of client satisfaction. With a high success rate, we continue to assist both corporate and individual clients in obtaining their visas, residence permits, or company relocation, as well as planning their travels directly to Europe.

Suada Consultancy, with its professional and experienced experts, continues to raise standards in a wide range of fields across Europe through effective consultancy projects characterized by aesthetic and functional solutions. Our company aims to provide financial gain and time savings to both corporate and individual clients with a high level of service quality at the corporate and individual levels. As diligent followers of innovations, we work while considering all European laws and approach all applications with the same attention and discipline. With an effective and cost-effective policy, we always strive to stay one step ahead. We continue our work with our partners in both the central office and all over Turkey, as well as in Asian countries, and encourage our clients to envy Turkey by living in Europe with our commitment to quality service.

Service Areas

Suada Companies Group is at the forefront of providing services in many different sectors!


The first step you take, whether it's the residence permit process or company-related matters, is to get comprehensive support from our consultants from A to Z.


In the finance sector, one of the world's leading industries, Suada Finance leads our companies.


We have the most extensive portfolio in the real estate sector, especially in countries such as Bulgaria, Greece, the Netherlands, and Turkey.


We continue to maintain our presence in the rapidly evolving trade sector, which plays a leading role in the world's largest trade volumes over time. With our logistic network reaching every corner of Europe through Electronic Hookah, we are just one order away.

Erdem Uçkaç

Founder & CEO

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